Geometric Romance

This wants to be an ambient lamp that recreates a certain natural
romantic mood in your house. The smooth geometrical approach of the
structure is due to a carefully study in the balances of volumes and masses.
You could change the light colour of the lamp just by touching the
surface, so it seems that there’s no technology in it, just nature.
But the lamp is filled by a fluid moved by a pump that moves
elettronic fireflies. This fireflies are powered by a wireless system
located in the base of the nest (like cellphone wireless charger).
So this device full of technology will be just a romantic natural drop
of colour in your room.

Creative Commons License
Firefly Nest Lamp by Tommaso Gecchelin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non commerciale-Non opere derivate 2.5 Italia License.

6 thoughts on “Geometric Romance

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  2. hi Tommaso,

    this is a great design and concept.
    congratulations on this and all your other works.

    are you planning to take this forward into development. i am the ceo of i robo. we have offices in uk, dubai and shanghai. we are very much interested in innovative robotic and renewable energy (solar/wind etc.) products that are unique and innovative.

    if you are interested to talk and maybe discuss working togethor, it would be great to hear from you. my e-mail is office tel:00441217714040
    thank you
    best regards


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  4. I would like to order ( Fire Fly ) lamps
    how can I order & how much are they.
    Please let me know . Thank you so much
    John Ackermann


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