Label Lights

Label Lights reinvents the way you interact with illumination.
Forget every old traditional switches, and just peel it on the angle to enlighten your room.
You will literally discover light unfolding its petals.

Dimmering light and changing colors will be an experience, a gesture of the soul.

Chroma Labels Light is a modular RGB lights system. You could change the color mood of your room by balancing the breadth of coloured light petals.

Chroma Label Light - Gecchelin - Main04 Chroma Label Light - Gecchelin - Main05Chroma Label Light - Gecchelin - Detail01Chroma Label Light - Gecchelin - Detail02Chroma Label Light - Gecchelin - Detail03Immagine

Licenza Creative Commons
Label Lights by Tommaso Gecchelin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Non opere derivate 3.0 Unported License.

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